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Dentures Clarkston

When you have missing teeth and dental problems you may need to replace your teeth with dentures. Dentures are made to look just like real teeth. You may require a partial denture or bridge, an upper or lower denture or both. If you are missing teeth you may be unable to eat properly and you may be afraid to smile. The easiest and most affordable solution to replace lost or missing teeth is with dentures in Clarkston.

Dentures in Clarkston

Dentures in Clarkston start with a consultation with your dentist. The dentist will examine your mouth and provide you with the alternatives. Dentures may be one of the options available to replace your missing teeth. Implants are another choice for some people. The choice depends on a variety of factors such as the number of teeth that need to be replaced.

Poor fitting dentures are the most common reason why people dislike their false teeth. When dentures are not properly fitted they can slide or move around when you try to eat or talk. Even worse, they can rub on your gums causing irritation and pain. If that occurs, you can’t even use your teeth as they were designed.

For these reasons it is imperative that your dentures are properly fitted to your mouth. Even a minor miscalculation could cause problems that keep your teeth from fitting properly in your mouth. To obtain a proper fit, impressions are taken. These are used to create a first set of dentures. Typically, this first set is only temporary and is not made of the final material.

If the preliminary set fits properly a permanent set of dentures will be fabricated. In some case there need to be adjustments made to ensure a good fit. The dentist will work to make certain that the dentures feel good and are aligned so that you can chew. At the same time, the teeth need to look good in your mouth.

High Quality Dentures

Fitting dentures properly requires an experienced dentist. A compassionate and caring dentist will take the time necessary to help fit your new teeth so they are comfortable. The dental team will instruct you how to care for your new dentures in Clarkston. You will learn how to secure them in your mouth so that you can talk and eat with ease. You’ll also learn how to clean them nightly after removing them from your mouth.

High quality dentures will enhance your appearance. You will no longer be ashamed of missing teeth and will be able to go out in public, talk to friends and eat meals. Your dentures will fit and work well for a long time. However, replacement dentures are necessary from time to time because they will eventually lose their fit as your mouth continues to change.

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Dentures Clarkston
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