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Waterford Invisalign Dentist

Why Choose Clarkston Village Dental? We Are a Patient-Preferred Waterford Invisalign Dentist:

At Clarkston Village Dental, we create beautiful smiles for patients who want to make that great first impression. Yet don’t let that fool you into thinking that straightening your teeth is solely for aesthetic purposes. Dental experts are in agreement that having your teeth straightened can prevent costly dental care down the line. Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss, so patients are more likely to take proper care of them. If you’re thinking about having your teeth straightened, we recommend visiting a Waterford Invisalign dentist. Invisalign is the #1 preferred system for creating a beautiful, straight smile.

What makes Invisalign so attractive to patients? Invisalign’s clear, virtually invisible aligners have made the system the most requested method to straighten teeth. If you’ve been thinking about braces but are concerned that they will negatively impact your lifestyle or have reservations regarding the commitment, Invisalign might be exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Here’s why:

Invisalign’s clear aligners move teeth into position without the use of metal brackets and wires that are adjusted and tightened. Aligners are removable for up to two hours each day, so you can enjoy more freedom when brushing and flossing, or during times when in close proximity to others. Your classmates and co-workers will probably not even know you’re having your teeth straightened unless you tell them. For patients who are candidates for the Invisalign System, there is more freedom than with permanently bonded metal braces.

Teenagers appreciate the fact that Invisalign allows them to smile and laugh without their peers making fun of them. While this may seem like a small matter to adults, it’s one of the biggest issues teens face who opt for metal braces. Invisalign is not an inferior system; in fact, it can reposition teeth very often in a shorter amount of time than traditional braces can. In many ways, Invisalign can be considered a superior choice.

Get connected with a Waterford Invisalign dentist by calling our practice at 248-625-2066. Your initial consultation is a great time to ask questions, discuss any concerns, and listen to our staff’s free orthodontic advice. We’ll make a physical impression or use digital scanning to determine whether the Invisalign System will be the best option for you or your teen. We’ll create a map that will show precise movements of teeth over time, and go over our treatment plan with you before you make the final decision regarding treatment.

Wear your aligners for an average of 22 hours every day and you’ll experience the full advantages of Invisalign. At the end of your treatment plan, you’ll have a beautiful new smile to show off to the world. It all starts with a phone call to our Waterford Invisalign dentist. If you’d like more information about Invisalign’s clear aligner system, visit our ‘Services’ section and select ‘Invisalign’ or call our office at 248-625-2066 with any questions.

Waterford Invisalign Dentist
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